Wednesday, August 6, 2014

How to Fix a Broken Plumbing Handle with The Mandle Universal Replacement Handle

Question: How Do I fix a broken handle on my plumbing shut-off valve?

How Do I fix a broken handle on my plumbing shut-off valve? the handle just broke off and the stem seems to be stripped.


I'm going to suggest a non-traditional fix for this problem. There is a new universal handle that will fix your broken plumbing handles. The product is call the "Mandle".

From Mandle's Marketing Materials:

  • The Mandle is the only truly UNIVERSAL REPAIR HANDLE in existence.
  • For the first time ever your customers have a choice to buy one handle that will fit ALL valves.
  • The Mandle is made of stainless steel and nickel plated brass that won't rust or corrode.
  • Every homeowner, maintenance or handyman, farmer/rancher or do-it-yourselfer, needs The Mandle.
  • Save hundreds of dollars. BE THE MAN instead of paying THE MAN.

The Mandle is a Universal Repair Handle constructed of non-corrosive stainless steel and nickel plated brass. The product uses three durable screws that pass through a brass cylinder that bite into the valve stem.

The Mandle will fit on square or round replacement stems, hosebibs, and washing machine valves. The Mandle is simple to install so a plumber or handyman is not required.

For the pro the Mandle will save you time and money. You can stop keeping multiple handles and valves in your truck and you can fix virtually any broken valve handle with this simple but brilliant tool.

You can purchase this plumbing gem on