Friday, September 10, 2010

Who Makes Pegasus Faucets?

Question:Who Makes Pegasus Faucets? Answer: Pegasus faucets are a branded line owned by Home Depot. The faucets are manufactured by a few suppliers, one is Blanco (European), and the others are Chinese faucet makers. With Globe Union being the main supplier.

Globe Union also is the maker of Danze Faucets.


  1. I had another plumber tell me they refused to install a Pegasus into a clients bathroom because it wasn't a product they were familiar with, in the end they had the homeowner sign a paper stating no warranty on the job because of the faucet!

  2. I bought a Pegaus kitchen faucet back in 2007 for over 200 dollars, since then it has leaked twice. Home Depot does not sell the repair parts so I have to call some 800 number and that takes forever. I will never buy one of these again and I would never reccomend one.
    Angry customer

  3. I did my entire house in this product and all have completely deteriorated in less than 2 years! Do not buy this product. Same price as Moen.